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Old jousters never die, and they continue to do good deeds..

Mike just proved that you don't have to be a jouster, to ride to a castle.

Michael Neeley just completed a 100 mile bike marathon this past weekend (October 15-17, 2004) to help raise money for Best Buddies International, an organization devoted to enriching the lives of the mentally challenged. It was called the Volvo Hearst Castle Challenge, and it will be televised nationally on CBS sports November 6th @ 2:30 PM Eastern time. Michael raised over $1200 for Best Buddies.

Here's Mikes message:
The ride went very well! I finished in about 9 hours and 15 minutes (only eight hours of pedaling time, though). Maria Shriver (her brother is the founder of Best Buddies) even came up to me, introduced herself, and thanked me for doing the ride.
Casper Van Dien was there, too, and he rode along side of me for the first 22 miles... then he ate my dust for the rest of the trip. I guess Tarzan just wasn't used to riding a bike. :~)
At the finish line, someone asked me how it was being in the seat that long, and I said, "I thought my butt would be a lot more sore afterwards, but it actually feels pretty good." Then I thought, hmmmm... that's not something you'd want to say in prison.
All in all, it was very exciting, challenging, stimulating, and rewarding. I also want to mention that my buddy Matt Chapman deserves great credit for the ride as well. He drove the course as my SAG (Safety And Gear) support and was there to assist in making the ride easier. And, he brought Tristan along for the ride, too (Grace was out of town).


PS - Just a head's up... I'm planning on doing this ride again next year and would love to form a team. Please let me know if you or someone you know might be interested. Thanks!