King Arthur's First Christmas

Here's the story of young King Arthur and how he learned a valuable Christmas lesson. A classic story of giving and sharing in post-Roman Britain. Here's an excerpt from King Arthur's First Christmas…

A festival was held that that winter,
The people came from everywhere.
The ladies to dance, the knights to fight,
And all to feast at the Christmas fair.

Young King Arthur had planned to compete,
In the Christmas jousting fray,
But he had no horse to call his own,
And the joust was just three days away.

Merlin said, "Arthur, you must have a horse.
You're a king now, and it's only right.
Why don't you go to the stable today,
And take one from one of the knights?"

"The knights are my friends," young King Arthur said,
"It wouldn't be fair to take one of theirs."
Merlin said, "Arthur, you are now their king.
Does it matter to you what is fair?"

"Of course, dear Merlin, it's right to be fair,
Whether you're high king or no.
The knights need their horses so that they can compete.
I'd rather find a horse of my own."

Recommended for ages 3-113

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