Healing Bear

The little bear in the night-time sky falls to earth in a rainbow and has to find his way back to his big brother. But along his journey, he discovers that he has a very profound effect on those he encounters. A very touching story filled with native American themes.
Here's an excerpt from The Healing Bear...

The girl stood tall and started singing again,
And her voice sailed far west over the shore.
The little bear walked up and kissed her hand,
And said, "You don't have to be strong anymore."

And her strong soft song began to break,
As bear leaned against her thigh.
She put her hand to her face and said, "Oh no."
Touched bear's head, and then started to cry.

She held him tight and cried for days and weeks.
Even the moon floating high in the air,
Lost track of the times that he traveled past,
The weeping maiden and the young purple bear.

And she never stopped weeping in all of that time.
Her tears flowed to bear like the rain.
And all of those tears, every one, disappeared,
Into bear who would not leave her in pain.

Finally one day she stopped and little bear saw,
His purple color was hazy, near clear.
The maid said, "Well, now I fell better bear."
And a raindrop or two did appear.

Recommended for ages 8-114

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