Caollin's Wheel

Set in Ireland of old, this story follows a young lady named Caollin who is struggling to dance her own dances and be herself in a society that is confined to tradition. She soon finds out, through an extraordinary adventure, at what price independence may be bought. In placing this tale in Celtic Ireland, I have incorporated certain customs and Gaellic words which are explained in an easy to read glossary at the end.
Here is an excerpt from Caollin's Wheel...

He let out a chirp 'cause that sounded just fine,
She said, "Now, why don't you fly up to those trees,
And I'll follow your singin' through these woods,
And we'll find our way home with ease."

So Amhranai flew up and looked around,
And saw a big bonfire to the west.
He sang and she followed for a very long time,
Till she called out, "Come back bat and rest."

She found a large stone and the bat flew down,
Sat on her shoulder and nuzzled her hair.
She said, "I don't know why I'm in such a hurry,
To go home when I don't feel at home there."

"Home should be a place where you want to be,
Where a soul can be happy all day."
Then they both looked out into the darkness,
When they heard something coming their way.

She jumped up quickly, as did Amhranai,
At the sound the bat trilled a remark.
"I think we've got trouble." Caollin said,
As three wolves slowly skulked from the dark.

Recommended for ages 9 - 121

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