The Princess and the Captain

Medieval England is the setting for this fun, romantic comedy
featuring Captain Beau, Princess Catherine, Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham.
A tale of love, chivalry, and pulmonary fortitude.
Here's an excerpt from The Princess and the Captain...

Maid Marian said, "He seems sad to me."
And Catherine watched him in wonder.
Wart turned to Beau and said, "I don't like these woods,
And I think I heard rumblings of thunder."

"We'll be out of here soon wart," said Beau to the guard,
"Just put your mind at ease."
But just as he said that the horses reared back,
And the bandits flew out of the trees.

"Ho lads!" came the cry from out of nowhere,
And the outlaws slinked from the wood,
And their leader walked brazenly up to the coach,
Sheathed his arrows and pulled back his hood.

He said, "I am Robin of Loxley.",
In the coach Snow and Morgan were whirling,
At the sight of this brigand who went on to say,
"I claim your riches for the people of Sterling."

Beau said to Wart, "So that's Robin Hood."
Who replied "How'd he know we were coming 'ya think?"
Robin walked by the coach and Marian smiled,
And Robin Hood gave her a wink.

Recommended for ages 7-134

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