The Orphan King

This is a big one. A true epic adventure fantasy for older kids. A sad and broken King challenges all comers to fight him in knightly tournament for the honor of taking over his kingdom. He didn't count on the Viking and his daughter.
Here's an excerpt from The Orphan King...

The Red Knight looked through his helmet's visor,
And saw the Blue Knight raise his lance.
He turned his horse to the jousting rail,
And spurred him hard to advance.

The dirt began tumbling, the drums were rumbling,
As the knights met with a might crash,
Both were hit hard by their lance's blow,
But stayed seated through their horse's mad dash.

The crowd were cheering the Blue Knight on.
"Another lance!" the red one yelled.
Then once again, the knights did charge,
And this time the red one was felled.

The crowd howled loud for the brave Blue Knight,
Who steered his horse to his fallen foe.
The Blue Knight took his helmet off,
And said, "You've fought well, Sir Aivanhoe.

"Now as the rules state, you may stay or go,
The choice is up to you.
We can fight on this ground with your weapon of choice,
Or you may leave now. What will you do?"

Recommended for ages 5 - 135

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