The Lion and the Filly

This adventure is set in the old southwest. The unlikely animal pair find frienship and adventure in their daring escape from their cruel abusers.
Here's an excerpt from The Lion and the Filly...

Then the filly and the lion slept nose to nose,
All night and on into the dawn,
And then the lion awoke with a start,
To see that the filly was gone.

"Over here." she whispered, "I heard something move."
He thought, 'Food!' and his heart leapt with joy,
But the filly and the lion didn't know what to think,
When up walked an indian boy.

"Yaa'eh t'eeh." he said in his native tongue's greeting.
"Good morning." said the animal pair.
"Welcome to the indian lands," said the boy.
"My name's Nez, and I live down there."

Pointing to his hogan at the base of the hill,
He said, "Come down and I'll feed you two."
And the lion's chest swelled when little Nez said,
"I ain't never seen a cat big as you!"

Now, Coyote Bill was watchin' all this,
And hiding with Sometime Willie.
Bill pointed his gun and he took careful aim,
And fired, barely missing the filly.

Recommended for ages 5 - 135

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