This book features 4 short stories for children, including a knight who must face a fearsome dragon to save a beautiful lady, a happy sailing yam adventure, a bee in one's soup, and jellyfish love deep under the sea.

Here's an excerpt from Quest
and one from Jellyfish Jamboree...

So up on the back,
Of my unicorned steed,
I rode off in the hills,
To do my good deed.

When I got to the mountain,
Where the sleeping thing lies,
I could hear the soft whispers,
Of lady Tara's cries. "Psst! Hey, help me someone,
If you can, help me please.
I can't speak too loudly,
Or I'll wake up this beast."

I took out a long rope,
And said, "I'll be right there,
To save you from,
That dragon, Zehr!"


Bloop, bloop, bloop, they floop,
So light that they're hard to see.
Bloop, bloop, bloop, they float,
To the jellyfish jamboree.

It's the biggest dance the fishes have,
And it happens from moon to moon.
The boy jellies dance with the pretty girls,
Who floop and flirt and swoon.

Recommended for ages 3-130

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