Updates on the knights,
current and former.

Plus some generally cool pictures and memories.

Michael Neeley, Matt Cleve, and Justin Thompson

Matt wasn't officially a knight, but in '97 when he played
Robin Hood for us at the NYRF, we became such good friends that he wound up an
honorary Knight by proxy. Also, he's British.
Here they are in Sonoma, California on New Years Eve of 2003.

Old jousters never die, they just limp away with back backs, shot knees,
and the oldened bodies that have betrayed them.

Justin and Kim's engagement.

It was in September of 1998, in front of roughly 5 thousand people.
No one could believe he actually did it, but he and Kim were engaged
just before the joust.
Luckily he survived and they now have a beautiful 2 year old son.
They were married a year later on the same joust field they got engaged on.

They now live in Hercules, California where Kim is a teacher and Justin is an
art director for Charles Schultz Creative Associates in Santa Rosa, California.

Class of '97.

The way we were, 1997.
From left to right, Justin, Michael, Alen, and Chris.

More to come, keep checkin' in.