Yochi: A Samurai Story

Set in feudal Japan, Yochi is a wandering samurai who lives his life in a strict code of non-interference. Why? Because he feels his life is a mistake and has no purpose on earth. But as much as he tries to let the world go by without him, people need him. Will he answer their call for help? A lovely, heroic fable in the Kurosawa tradition. Here's an excerpt from Yochi: A Samurai Story…

Along that long and lonely path,
In the shadows, the samurai walks.
Not wanting to be seen or known,
He rarely ever talks.

The swordsman's name is Yochi,
And beside him walks a spirit,
Who tries to talk to Yochi,
Who doesn't want to hear it.

The spirit is a lion,
Who's invisible to most,
Except for wandering warriors,
Who need to know this ghost.

Shishi is a spirit of bravery,
What every samurai should know.
Even those called ronin,
Who do not have a home.

His mane is white, his hair is red.
He is wise, and kind, and knowing.
He says again to Yochi,
"Oh warrior, where are you going?"

Recommended for ages 7-123

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