Disneyland 2008.

Last week of March

It's all about Tinker Bell this year.

Tara and William in a teacup.

Tara with Chip or Dale, I'm not sure, they don't wear nametags.

At the front gate.

Doin' the Jelly Drop.

Tara tryin' out Minnie's digs.

William and Tara at the Toon Town playground.

Ready for bed after a long day of dreams.

First trip on the Jungle Cruise.

UmmmÔ... WD-40? Anyone?

In the Dumbo ride.

Tara's first Autopia drive.

Bumper Fleas at A Bug's World.

Tara and her beloved Boo.

Soakin' wet at A Bug's World.

A high five for low comedy.

Tara, completely swept up by Minnie.

New friends.

On the way out of LA, we stopped at Griffith Park so the these Jedi could settle a score.

The Force is strong with that one.

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