This is William's page.

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At a toy store in Sonoma, Oct. 2007

Working hard in Karate class. Sept. 2007

In Golden Gate Park, San Francisco 2007

Halloween 2007

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

All of us, just before going out to Traek or Treat.

William and Tara, June 2007.

The Thompsons and the Lewises meet again in Casa Grande Arizona, April10, 2007.

Kaya Falls hard for William, April10, 2007.

Don't miss the pictures of the kids at the big "Family Peace March!" 3.18.2007

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Here's Tara in 2006.

William in a box.

At the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch. Oct. '06

What is it about boxes?

William and and his medic alert bracelet.

The kids at Disneyland, June '06

William at a Star Trek convention Sept. '06.

William's sword ceremony on his 4th birthday.

William in daddy's jacket.

William and I take a walk through the woods
at Jack London's estate. Spring '06

Here's William on Christmas 2005.

Christmas kids.

Here's William with his brand new baby sister, Tara Rose.

My three.


Here's William on his 3rd birthday, July 10,'05.
Locations other than home are the Northern California Renaissance Faire in Novato,
and the trains at Tilden park.

These were taken spring into summer of '05.

Halloween 2004!

The exterior pictures were taken at the Schulz complex in Santa Rosa, California. If you have never visited the Shulz museum, you should get there if you can. They built a big Great Pumpkin patch and everything.
I have never seen William so excited. Ever.


Batman unmasked.

Pumpkin patch at Charles Schulz complex.

Blowin' dandelions with mom.

Atop the great pumpkin.

With Daddy in the pumkin patch.

Meeting Charlie Brown.

Meeting Snoopy.

Meeting Linus.

In front of Snoopy's doghouse.

July 10, 2004, William turned 2.

Hard day engineerin'.


Horse ridin'.

The real deal.



Trains rule.


Backyard Fireman
20 mo.

"As your President..." 21 mo.

Easter suit, 2004

Litle Jedi, 3 months

On the farm
21 mo.

Riding his first (solo) horse, 21 mo.

Christmas, 2003


In the backyard 21 mo.

Thinking about jousting someday, 21 mo.

Tao Boy

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