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"Come fate into the list. And champion me to the utterance!" - Macbeth,3:1

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The boys and girls are gearin' up for this year's New York Renaissance Faire.
They've had some casting changes so look for a whole new thrilling and exciting show for 2005!

MythTickle                                            ©2005Justin Thompson

The cartoon strip above is one of mine. It's a strip I'm putting together to someday hopefully publish.
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What the Knights are all about

The Silver Knights joust team are a talented group of actors and stunt performers who put on an exciting, engaging, and unforgettable display of jousting and armed combat.

We do not claim to be absolutely historically accurate, and are committed to a fast paced, dramatic interpretation of a jousting tournament, all the while telling a thrilling story. You'll get to know the knights through scenes and personal interaction before they even enter the arena. You will know exactly what the knights are fighting for and why. Then you'll choose who you'd like to have fighting for you.

We feel this approach to be much more entertaining overall than a group of nameless, characterless knights clubbing each other for a half an hour. You'll actually know who these maniacs are!

Justin Lewis "Robin Hood"

Alen O'Hara "THE RED WOLF"

Robin of Loxley and Maid Marian

Kelly Kilcoyne "Maid Marian"

The gang from September, 2001

How we'll work for you.

  • We will meet with you and discuss what would work best for your venue based on audience and performance space limitations.
  • We will never perform any procedure not specifically outlined during final negotiation.
  • We will negotiate a fair and reasonable price up front with no additional costs.
  • We will remain professional and conduct ourselves with dignity.
  • We will perform and engage the audience with energy and respect while we represent your space.

    Our Experience.

    Collectively, we've amassed dozens of years of performance experience including...

    1. Stunt Shows
    2. New York Stage · Off-Broadway

    3. The Knights.



      Justin T.


      Justin L.






      People we absolutely can not do without.

      Knights come and go, life happens. But throughout all the changes and challenges, these people have kept the show running fast and clear. They aren't on horses, they get no glory from the crowd, but they are no less heroes to our show. They are resourceful brilliant, reassuring, talented, patient, and truly indispensable.
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      Updates and other nostalgia...

      Where did they go? What are they up to? Remember when...?

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